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End of the first week!

Well the first week is over. In review it was nice to have some fun in Second Life in the form of some dancing (after the terrible bandwidth problems were sorted that is). It was also good to see everyone’s avatars and especially amusing to see Taiki (Azith) attempting to dance as an airship.

After this class I cam home and started trying out some second life viewers and found that I like the “Phoenix” Viewer and also like the simplicity of the “Imprudence” viewer (After I figured out the I had to use the beta version). Now armed with a new viewer I set myself the task of exploring our little home island and the treasures that it contains. In my travels I came across a treasure chest containing some free goodies from Clare and stashed them within my inventory. With these new possessions and some preliminary exploring done I decided to change the appearance of my avatar and after some playing this is what I came up with.


New appearance done it was now time to try my hand at some building. After playing around for a couple of days I finally had something to show. My first intention was for it to be a ring but it turned out to be too big :(, though now it is more like a bracelet. Since it was my first attempt to make anything I guess I am happy with the results (even though it is a little too big 😦 ).


All in all I am looking forward to our next session within Second Life and hope to be able to increase my meager building skills !



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2 thoughts on “End of the first week!

  1. Hi Matt, Love your avatar awesome! was great to read your Blog


  2. Great to see you starting to experiment and build!! Well done!

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