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Delayed Update

So today in class we learned a little about TPV’s (third party viewers) and also about other grids that we can use these viewers to access. Today’s location was jokaydia grid which is an open sim location, where we visited a couple of Clare’s locations.

Looking back over the past week I can’t say that I have done too much extra exploring within Second Life, just mostly playing around with some building and avatar appearance. I did however make myself a little home away from home if you will on my private building space where I can sit back, relax and have a drink.

Chilling in my beach house

Chilling in my beach house

As well in my adventures I ran into a previous years class member of MUV. I have to say my first impression of his avatar was more shock and awe than anything else. Here he is relaxing on someones building space.

Dragon Avatar

R3dakted ex MUV students AV

This concludes my little catch up session (omitting my feeble attempts and building a cottage). I am looking forward to this weeks practical session and hope to get into some more building in the meantime. Oh as well as working on the first assignment I must not forget that !



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