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Rainy Sunday

Being a down right gloomy rainy Sunday I decided that it would be the perfect opportunity for me to log into Second Life and get some assignment work out of the way It all started off well, and then Celina came over to say hello and soon after Rick appeared online. Needless to say we all got distracted (Second Life has a nack of doing this, always coming on with a goal and ending up doing something completely different). After playing around with some vehicles and the sort Rick pulled out a car with a spare seat so off we went for a Lazy Sunday Drive…

Casual Sunday Drive with rick in charge of the wheel.

Since there was only two seats poor Celina had to sit on the floor :(. After questioning Ricks driving skills (driving into the water and crashing into various things) we arrived back to our home. I must say some fun and laughs were had by me, and as always a distraction from work is always welcome. All in all and interesting Sunday..



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One thought on “Rainy Sunday

  1. That ride was fun and funny – I’ll get over having to sit on the floor and getting hit by vehicles lol…eventually haha.

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