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Who is my avatar?

Why did I choose this name for my avatar?

I chose Incog as my avatar name because it stems back to an alias I used when playing Team Fortress Classic way back in the day. The name I used was Incognetous (no idea why that name) but friends abbreviated it to “Incog” for short and it just stuck from there.

What does my avatar’s appearance say about me?

I couldn’t really say, my avatars appearance has changed a lot over the past few weeks. At the moment I like my avatar because I like the way that the neon tassels on my pants move around. Perhaps it represents that I like to have some fun and not all the time “serious business”.

How much does my avatar represent who I am?

I guess the whole idea of an avatar is to hide who I am in real life. So in that aspect I would say it doesn’t. Or perhaps you could look at it from another point of view where it represents what I would like to be but can not be in a real life situation.. I will let you decide :D..

How important is my avatar to me?

At this stage, it doesn’t feel that important as it is just being used for the MUV601.. Perhaps in the future this view could change if I become more involved in the various Second Life communities.

How important are other people’s avatar appearances to me?

At the moment I would say not very. I am still getting over how awesome and detailed some peoples avatars become. I am also of the opinion that everyone has the right to express themselves how ever they would like. So from that point of view other peoples avatars shouldn’t really be that important (other than in terms of respect as to how they express themselves) to me but should be more important to the owner of that avatar.



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