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Some Build Attmepts

So I logged into Second Life one day with the pure intent of just taking a couple of screen shots. Lo and behold that didn’t really happen (well the screen shots did) I ended up spending a few hours trying to create some replica’s of the examples that Isa had left out for us. Since I didn’t have the textures I wasn’t ab;e to make them look like the finished product but nether the less I was able to make the basic shape awaiting the correct textures to be applied. One however I was unable to do, and that was the nice looking palm tree. After playing around with the sculptie I realised that it was impossible for me to create that same shape for the trunk since I didn’t have the correct sculpt texture that gives the sculpted prim this specific shape. So that one is put on the back burner for now and I might re-look at it on a later date.

My attempts at copying Isa's examples.
Sparkly Lamp on the Left and Japanese Lantern on the right.









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2 thoughts on “Some Build Attmepts

  1. Aaron on said:

    Excellent work there Matt *smiles… especially the lantern top. Took me a while to figure that out when I first tried to make it.


    • incog01 on said:

      Yea, that lantern top was tricky. Probably took me as much time to make that as it did for me to make everything else.

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