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Delayed Update

Yes yes yes, I know I am very slack at posting updated blog posts. Last week we explored Astarii  ( that Isa had a large part in building. I have to say I was amazed by some of the builds on this sim and got a good laugh out of the exploding barrels.

Me stuck in the barrel after it exploded and sent me flying into the air.

Awesome bamboo dragon sitting at the top of a waterfall I found on Astarii.

Relaxing in a beautiful location on Astarii.





After we got back to Kowhai I noticed Rick had been set alight during his travels in Astarii.. It makes you wander what sort of mischievous behavior he was up to when we weren’t looking.

Rick covered in flames after visiting Astarii.

I found that I didn’t have much spare time this past week to get onto Second Life to do some building practice. I did manage to get on after last Thursdays session where I ran into Isa and he gave me the Sculptie for the Ponga tree that was there. So armed with the missing piece of the puzzle it set about creating a replica of the example Isa had left us and after far to long I was done with a reasonable copy.

My attempt at replicating Isa's pong tree example.

I have to say I am looking forward to today’s class learning more about applying textures, see you all in world then !



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