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MUVE Location – Ivory Tower Library of Primitives

So I decided to choose the Ivory Tower Library of Primitives for one of my locations. The reason for this is because I think it is a great resource for new users to Second Life who are interested in learning how to build in Second Life. The Ivory Tower Library of Primitives provides tutorials on how to build in Second Life, ranging from rezzing your first prim to providing you with techniques to build a curved staircase.

The Ivory Tower Library of primitives is located in the Natoma region and if you don’t have the Landmark from our little class expedition there here is the Slurl ( The Ivory Tower was made by Lumiere Noir who has spent a large number of hours dedicated to researching and constructing all the tutorials that are available here.

When you arrive at the Ivory Tower you are arrive right in front of well… an ivory tower… as if the name didn’t really give it away already. The arrival point is also a platform of sorts that is surrounded by water and has three examples of what you can build once you become a master of the art. A couple of these examples took advantage of the ability to use the particle system within Second Life. For example there is a butterfly that looks like it is flying and a harp that has musical notes that come out of it periodically.

The entrance to the Ivory Tower Library of Primitives.

Arrival Location at the ITLP, note that the Music notes are particles that appear and disappear.

The actual tower itself while not as extensive and visually appealing as some of the other builds that are littered around Second Life still suits what it is made for. I tried to inspect its make-up but it seemed that not all the pieces were linked so I could only inspect one piece at a time. However through doing this it seemed that it was constructed entirely out of basic prims made through the use of many different manipulation techniques. There also seemed to be minimal use of sculpties if any are used at all. With the tower constructed like this I think that it serves as a good example to show users what can be done through the basic manipulation and texturing of prims, which in turn the tower is teaching how to do.

A nice wire-frame view of the Ivory Tower Library of Primitives.

The Ivory Tower Library of Primitives is split up into multiple floors, and each floor contains a different module for you to learn from. When you walk up to each station you can click on a platform to receive a notecard, that notecard details the breakdown of what that particular lesson is as well as that particular lessons instructions. There are 4 different floors, so that means 4 different modules; Module 1 is the basics of building, Module 2 is prim editing, Module 3 is Primitive Features – Flexi-prims and Light, and Module 4 is building techniques. After you have looked at a particular lesson and obtained the note card there is a sandbox area that is provided for you to try out your new building techniques. With the notecard system it allows you to take the information from that particular less and reference back to it if you ever forget how to do that particular technique. I also found from the Ivory Tower Library of Primitives introduction notecard that they now have an online wiki which can also be used as a resource and can be found here (

Just within the entrance of the ITLP showing part of the first module - building basics.

An example of a NoteCard gained by clicking the platform, onto the second module now, getting a bit more complex.

Getting a bit more complicated now. The NoteCard is providing the instructions on the technique to make this spiral staircase.

I must admit that I really like this location and plan to look more extensively into each module when I have more time. The main reason for this is because I am interested in the building side of Second Life. I found that it was also very easy to navigate with green up arrows to navigate to the next floor and red down arrows to navigate to the previous floor. Also in conjunction with this there is a directory teleport which takes you to a room where you can select a module and it will teleport you to the appropriate floor. As well I like the way that each lesson is split up and broken down into easy to follow images on the screen. This allows you to see exactly what you need to be doing and how it should look.

The directory showing the 4 different modules available.

Example of the navigation arrows to go up and down floors with the directory teleporter in the background.

So really I think that the Ivory Tower Library of Primitives is a valuable resource to the Second Life community, and obviously Linden Labs agrees with me since they sponsor it and cover the land costs but still allow Lumiere Noir to govern over it.

So interested in building within Second Life…? Yes…? Then this is the place for you!



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