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Another Building Class Over

I have just been to another building class at the Builder Brewery and this time have come back with a new white wicker outdoor set wohoo. That means more lounging about for me I guess ! Feel free to come up to my platform and lounge about yourself.



Second Life Community Standards

Second Life has a list of community standards, also known as the big 6 as there are 6 of them. These community standards are essentially the rules of second life and if you do not adhere to them you can face suspension or even expulsion (for repeat offenders) from Second Life.

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Permissions on Objects

Within Second Life when a resident creates an object they are able to set permissions on that object. Basically what that means is that they will be able to have control over how users can interact with the object and what the next owner can do.

To set permissions all you need to do is go to the “General” tab in the build edit menu (ctrl + 3) when you have an object selected.

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Participating In a Community

I had already decided on which community I was going to participate in while I was looking into locations during the first assignment. The community that I liked the look of was The Builders Brewery (SLURL). The reason I liked this community was because it focuses around the building aspect of Second Life, and not only just with the in world building tools but they also offer classes in 3rd party tools like Photoshop and Blender.

So like I just said the whole purpose of this community is to provide a learning environment for a Second Life resident who wishes to learn all about building. There is a busy class schedule set up for each month, with classes with ranging difficulty levels. So if you haven’t even rezzed your first prim yet or you know how to build and are just looking for some advanced building techniques, there will be a class for you.

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MUVE Location Comparisons

I found it quite hard to compare the Ivory Tower Library of Primitives and the Particle Laboratory. In a way they are similar since they both provide resources for building enthusiasts. But they aren’t providing the same resources, i.e. one focuses on building basics and the other focuses on using particles. I guess the only real way is to bring in a third contender and compare both of these locations to that.

For the comparative location I chose the Builders Brewery.  Like the other two locations the builder brewery is dedicated to teaching how to build within Second Life.

Ivory Tower Library of Primitives

Builders Brewery

Particle Laboratory




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MUVE Location – The Particle Laboratory


For my second location I chose the Particle Laboratory. As I stated in my previous post I am interested in the building side of Second Life. So to me this is only a natural place to visit if you want to learn more about the use of Particles within Second Life. The Particle Laboratory provides you with tutorials on how to do some basic scripting and how to use particle effects within Second Life.

The Particle Laboratory is located in the Teal region and the SLurl is: ( The Particle Laboratory was made and is maintained by Jopsy Pendragon who has obviously been very dedicated in bringing this valuable resource to the Second Life community.

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