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MUVE Location Comparisons

I found it quite hard to compare the Ivory Tower Library of Primitives and the Particle Laboratory. In a way they are similar since they both provide resources for building enthusiasts. But they aren’t providing the same resources, i.e. one focuses on building basics and the other focuses on using particles. I guess the only real way is to bring in a third contender and compare both of these locations to that.

For the comparative location I chose the Builders Brewery.  Like the other two locations the builder brewery is dedicated to teaching how to build within Second Life.

Ivory Tower Library of Primitives

Builders Brewery

Particle Laboratory




I found that all three of the locations are themed around their names. The ITLP is an ivory tower, the Particle lab is full of particles, and the Builders Brewery is well a brewery. They are all constructed nicely and suit their purpose, however the Particle Lab is probably the most awe inspiring the first time you see it, though that novelty wears off soon enough.  Then again the Builders Brewery is very well built and the whole region is dedicated to the teaching and learning of how to build.

All three locations are dedicated to building but the ITLP and the Particle Lab are only really dedicated to a single aspect of building. So when you compare them to the Builders Brewery which covers… well almost every aspect of building within Second Life as well as the using of 3rd party tools like blender. The other thing I noticed was that the ITLP and the particle lab don’t offer tutorial classes, whereas the Builders Brewery has a tutorial class schedule to help you learn how to build under the guidance of seasoned veterans also known as “Brewmasters”.

One thing that I think the ITLP and the Particle Lab have over the Builders Brewery is that they offer breakdowns and step by step guides that are easy to navigate your way through. The Builders Brewery by comparison is huge and I couldn’t really find one area that was dedicated to the break downs of certain builds and to give you a detailed tutorial of each. So I think for the absolute beginner the ITLP and the Particle Lab may be better, but once you have a grasp of the basics the Builders Brewery could be the place for you.

All of these locations each offer a sandbox area to practice your building skills in. But in my opinion the Builders Brewery sandbox area outshines both of the other 2 locations. This is because not only does it have an extensive size but it also provides a dedicated area for terraforming practice, which I don’t think many of us will have a chance to really play with outside of Sim On a Stick.

So after comparing these three locations to each other I think that each location has its good points and perhaps bad points. I think the Ivory Tower Library of Primitives and the Particle Laboratory are valuable resources to the Second Life community as I stated in each of their posts. But I think they are aimed more at teaching Second Life users just the basics of building. However the Builders Brewery is a totally dedicated community within Second Life set to help the members of the group to excel with building within Second Life. I think that the resources available through the Builders Brewery are far more extensive than at both the Ivory Tower of Primitives and the Particle Laboratory. But I think they both still hold their place within the Second Life community.

So if you are still aiming to learn the basics, the Ivory Tower of Primitives and the Particle Laboratory are great locations for you. But if you already have a handle on the basics and are dedicated to becoming a pro in the building scene then the Builders Brewery just might be the place for you.


Ivory Tower Library of Primitives:

Particle Laboratory:

Builders Brewery:



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One thought on “MUVE Location Comparisons

  1. You had me at ‘Brewery’.. but there’s building too?? Freaking awesome! 😀

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