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Participating In a Community

I had already decided on which community I was going to participate in while I was looking into locations during the first assignment. The community that I liked the look of was The Builders Brewery (SLURL). The reason I liked this community was because it focuses around the building aspect of Second Life, and not only just with the in world building tools but they also offer classes in 3rd party tools like Photoshop and Blender.

So like I just said the whole purpose of this community is to provide a learning environment for a Second Life resident who wishes to learn all about building. There is a busy class schedule set up for each month, with classes with ranging difficulty levels. So if you haven’t even rezzed your first prim yet or you know how to build and are just looking for some advanced building techniques, there will be a class for you.

In conjunction to the building and scripting based classes there are also regular building based events held all around the year, such as right now there is a building competition coming up called the VMA Spring Build off where Second Life Residents pit off against each other to prove their building prowess.

The Builders Brewery provides classes on:

Basic to Advanced Building within Second Life

Second Life Photography

Coral PSP


Photoshop CS5


Education on Copybots and Botters

Basic Scripting

Plus many other building related topics

The Event Calendar can be seen here: Builders Brewery Calendar

Event 1:

The first event that I went to was a class for building a Hammock. I was a little scared to attend my first class as I knew that there was a maximum limit of 20 people and couldn’t see if there was a sign-up sheet or if it was first in first serve.

I got to the location early and saw that it was laid out with 20 separate work areas for each person to work at. Once everyone had gathered and it had met the appointed time we were distributed that materials needed to complete the class. The instructor went through the class stopping every now and then to help out people who needed help and then moved on with the class. In the materials provided is a note card with all of the instructions so you can work through it at your own pace or to reference in case you get a little lost.

The layout of the Sky Class

Waiting for the class to start.

Part way through the build, everything is going well.





The end result was a hammock made out of sculpties and basic prims that has a couple of cushions and scripted pose balls that get your avatar to lounge about on the hammock.

Finished product with my lounging about.

Now added to my collection upon my platform.





So after this first lesson I have to say I am impressed as to how organised it was and am happy with my end result! Yay for my Hammock !

Event 2:

The second event that I went to was a class for building a Wall Fountain. Since this was my second time attending a class I wasn’t as apprehensive but never the less I still made my way there early to ensure a place in the class.

The location for this class was at the “Dockside” and had a nice view out over the ocean. The class was a much larger class with much smaller work area’s and it felt a little cramped to be honest. But after getting the materials from the box we were on our way to constructing the build.

Waiting patiently for the class to begin.

An overview of the Dockside Classroom.

Class has started and everyone is underway.




I have to say this class was a much easier build than the previous classes hammock, but I was interested in the water effect of this Wall Fountain so that is why I chose to attend this event. There was a nice slow place set throughout even though this was an easy build that means that there was plenty of time if people were stuck or needed any help.

I think that this class was set out more for a beginners level than the hammock building class that I attended but I think that it was still laid out very well. The instructions were very simple to follow as they took into account that you might not know your way around the building menu seamlessly quite yet.

So the end result was a Wall Fountain with 3 prims and 3 different textures and a couple of scripts to get the water like effect and the water sound working. I have to say that I like this easy to make piece of work and am currently looking for any other classes that catch my eye and are that are at a good time for me to attend. Damn you Second Life for running in a different time zone!!

My build coming along nicely.

All finished, complete with aquatic sound and water effect.

Added to my collection of self builds.





So I think that if you are interested in building within Second Life at all you should definitely come and check out this community and all the things that it has to offer.



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