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Second Life Community Standards

Second Life has a list of community standards, also known as the big 6 as there are 6 of them. These community standards are essentially the rules of second life and if you do not adhere to them you can face suspension or even expulsion (for repeat offenders) from Second Life.

The “BIG 6”

1.      Intolerance

Basically this is users trying to belittle, marginalise, or defame Second Life users or groups. This also encumbers the use of derogatory or demeaning language directed at individuals/groups in reference to their sexual orientation, race, gender, religion or ethnicity.

2.      Harassment

Harassment is about Second Life residents harassing other Second Life Residents through the use of offensive speech/behaviour, intimidation of other users and even covers unwanted sexual advances and requests.

3.      Assault

Assault within Second Life means shooting, pushing, or shoving a Resident that is in a Safe Area and also covers the use of scripted objects that persistently target an individual resident in a way that prevents the Resident from enjoying Second Life.

4.      Disclosure

This is the sharing of personal information about a fellow Resident within Second Life without their express consent. This is not just limited to personal information about their in world life but also pertains to the sharing of personal information about their real world identity/life as well.

5.      Adult Regions, Groups, and Listings

This refers to the use of Adult content, activities and communication on the Second Life mainland, as such material is not permitted in this region. All these kinds of things must only be carried out in private regions that are designated as Adult or on the adult continent Zindra as these areas are restricted only to residents who have been  Adult verified.

6.      Disturbing the Peace

Disturbing the peace is just that, the disturbance of the peace within Second Life. This covers the disruption of events, repeated transmission of undesired advertising content, and the use of repeating sounds, self-spawning items, or other objects that are designed to intentionally inhibit the performance of the Second Life servers or effect Second Life Residents ability to enjoy their time in Second Life.

The Second Life community standards can be read in full detail here:

I think that the Second Life community standards have been created to try and give every Second Life resident a chance to live their “Second Life”. I think that it also enables them to be able to live their “Second Life” without it being invaded by persons who want to interfere with their enjoyment of Second Life. It is also necessary to have standards governing the use of adult content because there are users who are under the age of 18 and should not be subjected to this kind of content. So really, they are a set of rules that are designed so that everyone should be able to enjoy their experiences within Second Life no matter their age, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference or gender.

To make sure that you do not violate the Second Life community standards you first should read them, since how can you abide to them if you don’t even know what they are. Also if you are unsure about any of your actions you should go back and reference the community standards to ensure that what you are doing is ok. But really I think the easiest way is to think about if your actions are going to encroach on someones ability to enjoy Second Life, and if you think that it will, then don’t do it. So you just need to be respectful of other Residents privacy and respect their freedom of choice. So basically “do not do unto others what you would not want them do unto you.”

If I thought that someone was abusing the Second Life community standards I would report them using the Second Life “Report Abuse” tool. To get to this tool in Phoenix viewer you would right click the object/avatar and select Report or alternatively you can click on the help menu and then click on “Report Abuse” there. Within the “Report Abuse” tool I would specify what the individual was doing that was not adherent to the Second Life community standards, this would be done in the Summary/Details portion of the window. After that I would click the “Report Abuse” button down the bottom of the window and my report will be logged. Second Life claims that all reports will be followed up and that the reporter will remain anonymous.

The "Report Abuse" window in Phoenix Viewer.

I think that we all hope that we will not have to deal with someone that is being abusive to you or to other people. But there are often times when people are abusive and during these times we have to take the necessary actions to fix the situation. Oh why can’t we all just get along?



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