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The Design

For the design I have been looking at images online that or close too or reflect certain aspects of what I would like my build to look like/include. The reason for this is my drawing skills literally do not exist, so if I was to attempt to draw out parts of my design I think it would look more like one of those magic eye things where you have to look at it in a certain way to understand what it is.

So with this I would like to use images I have found and then use my words to relay to you how I would like my version of this to look.

Nice open plan with a colour scheme I plan to use

Similar layout with a loft and glass front






First off is the building itself, the first image contains some of the design features that I would like to incorporate and has also lead me to want to follow its colour scheme. The downfall about this is that it only really contains one level and I would like to have a second level inside. This is where the second image comes in. In the second image it has a second level, well more of a platform. However this is what I would like to include, as I stated in the initial plan I would like it to be more of a loft. What the second picture is missing is a set of stairs to get up to the loft and that is something that I want to include in my build. Within the second image I would like to have the glass facing however at the top I would like to have it angle back in the other direction. What I like about both of the builds in the modern and open plan design as that is exactly what I was looking for.

For the stairs leading to the loft I found an image that is almost exactly what I wanted with the exception that I would like the stairs to be solid and I would like the railing poles to be black metal as opposed to wood.

Similar stairs to what I plan to use





As for the furniture inside I have found some images that portray a few of the items that I would like to include. These are a basic lamp, a bed, and a coffee table with a glass top. As for the coffee table I want to use the same design but make a smaller square version to be used as a bedside table. As for the lamp I want to make more elaborate looking base other than the one in the image. I want to have a picture frame that has the same colour scheme as the house but I want to make the picture within the frame change on a timer.

Simple lamp

Glass top coffee table that I am basing my design on

A bed I want to base mine on






Colour Palette:








Texture Palette:

Black fabric texture

Floor Texture

Black wood texture






In conjunction with these textures I am going to use a glass texture for the windows, however it would be a bit hard to see as an image posted here. Also I may find other textures later on that I will use for different furniture.



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