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Progress Report 1

So my build has been coming along nicely so far and I have managed to create the beach house itself. That is not to say that I won’t make any changes to what I currently have if I feel something is not quite the way I like it.

So far I have cruised by the 50 prims minimum and have made my way up to 115 prims. I think at this stage this is a reasonable number of prims to have and still gives me room to add in furniture before I reach the 300 prims limit. At the moment I have only used 2 different types of prims, the basic box prim and the Cylinder prim, so one more type to go till I can tick that part off. The box prim was used in the construction of the house and the Cylinder prim was used to create the hand rail for the stairs.

Outside view of the house

Inside view of the house




So far I have ticked off at least two different prim manipulations, those being cut and twist. I used the twist manipulation for the bars on the stair railing for effect, and also used the texture manipulation “Shininess” to get the metallic feel. So far I am happy with the results of this and think it looks pretty good.

Twist and Shininess Manips for the stair railing





I found I had to use cut to get the windows and walls to sit correctly with the angled roof and front windows. This proved to be more challenging than I expected and I spent a long time trying to figure out how to get these to align perfectly. The reason I found this to be hard was because of the cut starting from the centre of the prim, making it hard to conform to the angle of the roof. After taking some time out I realised that I could just increase the size of the prim so that the centre of the prim was in line with the roof. This meant that I could use the cut to essentially half the prim in one direction and then set whatever angle I wanted on the remaining half. I’m not really sure this is good building practice but it did give me the result that I wanted.

Path Cut Example 1

Path Cut Example 2




In terms of the visual complexity part of the assignment I haven’t really checked anything off there as most of this will come from the furniture, with the exception of using 2 textures with transparency.  One texture was used for the windows, obviously so you can see through them; however this is only partially transparent. The other was a default transparent texture that I applied to the ramps that the user walks up. The reason for this was to create a smooth walk up the stairs, so to achieve this I made the actual stairs “Phantom” so they are really only there for aesthetic reasons as you are actually walking up the invisible ramp.

Showing the use of transparency so far




So with the house basically completed I am looking forward to moving on and creating some furniture to make my house look not so empty.



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