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Final Reflections

Project SLURL:

So with my building project finished it is now time to sit down and write my final blog post reflecting on how things went. In the end I think it was an interesting process. Starting from the inception of the idea to the planning and design and then to the actual building. Read more…


Progress Report 3

So I have been busy the over the past day and a bit adding in a couple of new things to my house. I think all of the things that I have added now tick off the remaining things that were needed to fulfill the requirement of the assignment. Read more…

Progress Report 2

So lately I haven’t been able to spend as much time working on my build as I would have liked due to other assignments being due. However I have been able to make some furniture for my house.

So far I have been able to make a lounge suit consisting of 2 chairs and a sofa. These are made from sculpties that I found on the second life market pace for $1L. The sofa actually uses the same sculpty as the chair just I changes the dimensions to make it look like a sofa instead of a chair.

Coffee Table and Lounge Suite

Read more…

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