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Progress Report 2

So lately I haven’t been able to spend as much time working on my build as I would have liked due to other assignments being due. However I have been able to make some furniture for my house.

So far I have been able to make a lounge suit consisting of 2 chairs and a sofa. These are made from sculpties that I found on the second life market pace for $1L. The sofa actually uses the same sculpty as the chair just I changes the dimensions to make it look like a sofa instead of a chair.

Coffee Table and Lounge Suite




I had some problems with the sit events for these, I tried to put a script into the root prim and have the user sit there. This didn’t seem to work very well when adjusting the rotation and sit location it would just sit me on different parts of the chair >.<;;. To overcome this I decided to use a pose ball with a sit script inside it instead as I fins these much easier to work with. I found in the end the use of pose balls allowed me to have more than one avatar sitting on the sofa at the time so I am happy with that.

Use of poseballs to sit on the sofa and chairs




The coffee table uses a hollowed out prim as the top and then a prim with a glass texture placed inside it to give it that nice glass top effect. I actually quite like the coffee table and it wasn’t hard at all to make.

I have also built a lamp to help illuminate the bottom floor. The lamp was made using 2 torus prims and a cylinder prim to get the look that I wanted. The lamp shade was trickier than I first thought. I used a cylinder and applied some taper to get the top to angle in slightly to better look like a lamp shade. I then used hollow so that it is no longer solid and applied the black canvas texture. I made the light bulb with a combination of a cylinder with some tapering and a sphere. I then added some light and glow to these prims to make it just like a light bulb. At first I was happy but then I noticed that you couldn’t actually see the light bulb through the lamp shade like you can in real life. To get this effect I added some transparency to the lamp shade and I must say I am very happy with the result.

Lamp with Light




I wanted to put some lights on the wall alongside the stairs because we all know walking up the stairs in the dark is dangerous. These were very simple to make but I decided that I wanted a way for the user to turn all of these lights on at the same time. So to get this to work I found a light switch script that sends a message out in channel 0 and then added a script to each light bulb that reacts to this message. I had to be careful with the distance between each light so as to not exceed the prim linking distance and all worked well. The only problem was that the light was too dull for my taste so I took another light script and modified the original to get the effect that I was looking for. So now I have a light switch that turns on all the lights going up the stairs.

Light switch with a script to turn the lights on and off

Staircase with lights that turn on and off via the light switch





I though upstairs was looking a little bare so I decided to make a bed and some bedside table to go up here. The bed was pretty simple to make as I already had a sculpted prim that I could use as the mattress and for the pillows. However at this stage I am not sure how I can make some sheets to make the bed look more visually appealing. I tried searching for some sculpties to use but none really suited what I wanted to achieve. I added in a couple of pose balls to the bed so that avatars can lie down and relax on the bed. I also took my coffee table from downstairs and changed the dimensions to resemble a bedside table and placed these up here to create a better look.

Bed with Bedside Tables

Relaxing on my bed thanks to poseballs




I also added in a couple of glass doors to get into the house. I added a door script to each of them that makes them open either on touch or via collision.

Glass doors that open via scripts




So far in the making of my furniture I have run into one problem that I haven’t been able to solve. With the chairs and sofa since they are made with sculpties they only have one face and that means I can’t get the correct texture repeats where I want them. It is kind of annoying but I guess it is something that I will have to live with it.

Damn you texture repeat >.<!!




My prim count has been steadily climbing and almost reached 200 but with the use of convex hull I have been able to drop this down to have a land impact of 130. All is going well and I plan to add a few more items into my house to add to its look and to also cover some of the requirements that I am currently missing.



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