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Progress Report 3

So I have been busy the over the past day and a bit adding in a couple of new things to my house. I think all of the things that I have added now tick off the remaining things that were needed to fulfill the requirement of the assignment.

On the outside of the house I have added in a planter box that is a hollowed and cut basic box prim and gave it the same texture as the house itself. Inside the planter box I used another basic box prim but gave it a soil texture for reality purposes. Then to complete the look I added in some strawberry plants that I made using a texture with transparency placed on 4 separate box prims with differing rotations.

Outside Planter with some strawberries




Inside of the house I added a couple of floor mats, one downstairs and one upstairs. The mats have a basic texture and have a script that changes the colour of the prim between black and grey. I chose only 2 colours because trying to find a script that worked with more than one colour just by touch proved difficult. The other reason I chose only 2 colours is because they conform to the colour scheme of the rest of the house. As for the script itself I couldn’t actually find a script that would do what I wanted to do. In the end I found a script that switched between 2 textures and I modified this, changing strings to vectors and llSetTexture to llSetPrimitiveParams and I managed to get it to work how I wanted it to.

Floor mat that changes colour on touch




Another thing I added in downstairs was a couple of picture frames that have pictures that change when you touch them. This was pretty simple. I managed to find a script that just cycles through the textures that you have added to the contents of the prim. I used a black wood texture for the frame to try and tie it in with the rest of the house. They seem to work rather well and this allows you to change the pictures based on your mood.

Picture frames with pictures that change upon touch





Upstairs I made a bedside lamp that is similar to the lamp downstairs except the instead of a basic cylinder for the pole I used a torus to give it more of that bedside lamp look. Another thing I added in was a script that enables you to turn the light on and off so that you can sleep at night without the bright lights keeping you awake.

Bedside lamp with on/off script




At this stage I think I have completed all the requirements for content creation with visual complexity. I also like the atmosphere that the house provides and I think it suits the original purpose for somewhere to come home to after a busy day and just relax.



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