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Final Reflections

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So with my building project finished it is now time to sit down and write my final blog post reflecting on how things went. In the end I think it was an interesting process. Starting from the inception of the idea to the planning and design and then to the actual building.

I would have to say I think I was a little slow off the mark, it felt a little discouraging to see people already out building with solid ideas as to what they wanted to do. I felt that it took me a little longer to really refine what it was that I wanted to achieve with my build. Because of this I spent probably more time thinking about it and not really doing anything. Once I had finished my design blog I had a much more solid idea and was able to start building. At the time I felt like I had spent too much time on this stage but now looking back I feel that it was a good idea as it meant I know what it was I wanted to achieve at what I would use where.

My build process I felt was a bit sporadic as my focus switched to other assignments that were due earlier and I felt they needed my focus much more. Another thing I found was that it was easy to lose a few hours building without even realising it. This meant it was hard for time management, as I may have been planning on spending a couple of hours on MUV and then working on another class. But in the end I would send the whole time engrossed in my build and neglect other work.

From the start I had a strategy of constructing the basic structure of the house and applying textures and then moving inside to construct the stairs and then onto the furniture.  I am glad that I did this as it seemed to make things move forward in a steady fashion and after every building session I would come away feeling like I accomplished something.

Would I change anything about the process that I went through? I would have to say there are a couple of things that I would change if I was to do this again. One would be to be more stringent on my time management and only work on my build during the times I had planned out. Even though it sounds simple I can’t really say that I would be able to do that since I find it at time to be rather engrossing. Another thing I would change is trying to look ahead more. This is because even though I spent a reasonable period of time on the planning phase I didn’t really think ahead enough. For example I knew that I wanted to have doors of some kind and lights that I could turn off and on. But I didn’t think about researching scripts for this early on. This meant that when the time came in my build for adding these in I had to spend a lot of time scrounging around to find a script that would do what I wanted. If I had sourced all these components earlier it would have made it as easy as just dropping the scripts in and making minor changes when the time came.

Other than that I am happy with the overall process. In the end I reached my goal and have a final artefact to show as proof.

As for the final artefact I have to say that I am relatively happy with it. A couple of things that I am not so happy with are some of the textures that I used. For example the wooden floor texture looks like it is a plank that it the whole length of the floor. I would like to have a more realistic wooden floor texture but what I have now will have to do. One thing I did find hard to cope with was the size that I should make things. Everything I made ended up far too large. A good example of this is the doors. When building them they looked good but when I walked up to them for the first time I realised they were a bit on the large size. In fact the whole house itself is probably a little on the large side and could be made a little smaller to better accommodate. Another example of making something too big was the bed. Once again it looked all good and only when it came time to add in the pose balls did I notice that it was massive. Even now after shrinking it down it is still a bit too big.

Doors a little too big, I think so.

Final build, a little on the large side

6ft or 12ft this bed is probably big enough




Another thing that I noticed was that when you turn the corner on the stairs to head upstairs the default camera angle goes outside. That means that when you first turn the corner you are looking at the outside wall and can’t see where you are going inside.

One of the strengths of the build is that it reflects its purpose. I think that it gives off a relaxing vibe and doesn’t have any overwhelming colours and isn’t too cluttered. Also the use of the same simple colours throughout creates a nice flow and ties everything together.

Looking back now if I was to change anything in my build (other than the size of the build), it would be to incorporate more furniture upstairs. As well as this perhaps the addition of a tallboy and a dressing table to make the feel more homely. But at the final stage my build was already up to 257 prims so adding these in may have put me over the edge. Though in saying that with the use of convex hull the total land impact of my house (including everything inside) is only 172, so going by that there is some room to play.

So overall I am very pleased with how everything went and am content with the final artefact. It has been an enjoyable process as I found building in second life to be both frustrating and enjoyable at the same time. One of my only regrets would be not learning more about creating my own sculpties and textures to be used in a build. So feel free to drop by my house and have a look around and I hope you like it as much as I do.

Also a special thanks to Isa and Clare for an enjoyable class :).



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