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Final Reflections

Project SLURL:

So with my building project finished it is now time to sit down and write my final blog post reflecting on how things went. In the end I think it was an interesting process. Starting from the inception of the idea to the planning and design and then to the actual building. Read more…


Progress Report 3

So I have been busy the over the past day and a bit adding in a couple of new things to my house. I think all of the things that I have added now tick off the remaining things that were needed to fulfill the requirement of the assignment. Read more…

Progress Report 2

So lately I haven’t been able to spend as much time working on my build as I would have liked due to other assignments being due. However I have been able to make some furniture for my house.

So far I have been able to make a lounge suit consisting of 2 chairs and a sofa. These are made from sculpties that I found on the second life market pace for $1L. The sofa actually uses the same sculpty as the chair just I changes the dimensions to make it look like a sofa instead of a chair.

Coffee Table and Lounge Suite

Read more…

Progress Report 1

So my build has been coming along nicely so far and I have managed to create the beach house itself. That is not to say that I won’t make any changes to what I currently have if I feel something is not quite the way I like it. Read more…

The Design

For the design I have been looking at images online that or close too or reflect certain aspects of what I would like my build to look like/include. The reason for this is my drawing skills literally do not exist, so if I was to attempt to draw out parts of my design I think it would look more like one of those magic eye things where you have to look at it in a certain way to understand what it is. Read more…

The Initial Plan

The Idea:

I have decided that I would like to do content creation and at this point in time am leaning towards the visual complexity path. So the idea that I have is to construct a basic beach house with some furniture inside. I say beach house but I’m not sure that would be exactly what it is, I guess more of a modern style holiday home. I am planning for the building itself to not be that complex, in a way a more minimalistic design with straight angles and simple texturing. The idea is that a majority of the complexity will come from the furniture housed inside. For the house itself I am thinking that I would like to have it as open plan living with a kind of loft as the second story. I am also planning to create a staircase that leads up to the loft as well. I was initially thinking of a spiral staircase but I have a feeling that with the camera angles in Second Life it might not be the best idea. Read more…

Protecting Intellectual Property

So what exactly is Intellectual Property?

“A work or invention that is the result of creativity, such as a manuscript or a design, to which one has rights and for which one may apply for a patent, copyright, trademark, etc” (obtained from Google definitions: )

Within Second Life there are many imaginative individuals that create very awesome content. Because of this there needs to be some way for Second Life Residents to be able to protect their intellectual property from theft and reproduction. While Second Life is a virtual world it is still actually party of the real world and therefore real world copyright laws need to be followed here as well. Read more…

Another Building Class Over

I have just been to another building class at the Builder Brewery and this time have come back with a new white wicker outdoor set wohoo. That means more lounging about for me I guess ! Feel free to come up to my platform and lounge about yourself.


Second Life Community Standards

Second Life has a list of community standards, also known as the big 6 as there are 6 of them. These community standards are essentially the rules of second life and if you do not adhere to them you can face suspension or even expulsion (for repeat offenders) from Second Life.

The “BIG 6” Read more…

Permissions on Objects

Within Second Life when a resident creates an object they are able to set permissions on that object. Basically what that means is that they will be able to have control over how users can interact with the object and what the next owner can do.

To set permissions all you need to do is go to the “General” tab in the build edit menu (ctrl + 3) when you have an object selected.

Read more…

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