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Another Building Class Over

I have just been to another building class at the Builder Brewery and this time have come back with a new white wicker outdoor set wohoo. That means more lounging about for me I guess ! Feel free to come up to my platform and lounge about yourself.



Delayed Update

Yes yes yes, I know I am very slack at posting updated blog posts. Last week we explored Astarii  ( that Isa had a large part in building. I have to say I was amazed by some of the builds on this sim and got a good laugh out of the exploding barrels.

Me stuck in the barrel after it exploded and sent me flying into the air.

Awesome bamboo dragon sitting at the top of a waterfall I found on Astarii.

Relaxing in a beautiful location on Astarii.





After we got back to Kowhai I noticed Rick had been set alight during his travels in Astarii.. It makes you wander what sort of mischievous behavior he was up to when we weren’t looking.

Rick covered in flames after visiting Astarii.

I found that I didn’t have much spare time this past week to get onto Second Life to do some building practice. I did manage to get on after last Thursdays session where I ran into Isa and he gave me the Sculptie for the Ponga tree that was there. So armed with the missing piece of the puzzle it set about creating a replica of the example Isa had left us and after far to long I was done with a reasonable copy.

My attempt at replicating Isa's pong tree example.

I have to say I am looking forward to today’s class learning more about applying textures, see you all in world then !


Some Build Attmepts

So I logged into Second Life one day with the pure intent of just taking a couple of screen shots. Lo and behold that didn’t really happen (well the screen shots did) I ended up spending a few hours trying to create some replica’s of the examples that Isa had left out for us. Since I didn’t have the textures I wasn’t ab;e to make them look like the finished product but nether the less I was able to make the basic shape awaiting the correct textures to be applied. One however I was unable to do, and that was the nice looking palm tree. After playing around with the sculptie I realised that it was impossible for me to create that same shape for the trunk since I didn’t have the correct sculpt texture that gives the sculpted prim this specific shape. So that one is put on the back burner for now and I might re-look at it on a later date.

My attempts at copying Isa's examples.
Sparkly Lamp on the Left and Japanese Lantern on the right.








Who is my avatar?

Why did I choose this name for my avatar?

I chose Incog as my avatar name because it stems back to an alias I used when playing Team Fortress Classic way back in the day. The name I used was Incognetous (no idea why that name) but friends abbreviated it to “Incog” for short and it just stuck from there.

What does my avatar’s appearance say about me?

I couldn’t really say, my avatars appearance has changed a lot over the past few weeks. At the moment I like my avatar because I like the way that the neon tassels on my pants move around. Perhaps it represents that I like to have some fun and not all the time “serious business”.

How much does my avatar represent who I am?

I guess the whole idea of an avatar is to hide who I am in real life. So in that aspect I would say it doesn’t. Or perhaps you could look at it from another point of view where it represents what I would like to be but can not be in a real life situation.. I will let you decide :D..

How important is my avatar to me?

At this stage, it doesn’t feel that important as it is just being used for the MUV601.. Perhaps in the future this view could change if I become more involved in the various Second Life communities.

How important are other people’s avatar appearances to me?

At the moment I would say not very. I am still getting over how awesome and detailed some peoples avatars become. I am also of the opinion that everyone has the right to express themselves how ever they would like. So from that point of view other peoples avatars shouldn’t really be that important (other than in terms of respect as to how they express themselves) to me but should be more important to the owner of that avatar.


Rainy Sunday

Being a down right gloomy rainy Sunday I decided that it would be the perfect opportunity for me to log into Second Life and get some assignment work out of the way It all started off well, and then Celina came over to say hello and soon after Rick appeared online. Needless to say we all got distracted (Second Life has a nack of doing this, always coming on with a goal and ending up doing something completely different). After playing around with some vehicles and the sort Rick pulled out a car with a spare seat so off we went for a Lazy Sunday Drive…

Casual Sunday Drive with rick in charge of the wheel.

Since there was only two seats poor Celina had to sit on the floor :(. After questioning Ricks driving skills (driving into the water and crashing into various things) we arrived back to our home. I must say some fun and laughs were had by me, and as always a distraction from work is always welcome. All in all and interesting Sunday..


Delayed Update

So today in class we learned a little about TPV’s (third party viewers) and also about other grids that we can use these viewers to access. Today’s location was jokaydia grid which is an open sim location, where we visited a couple of Clare’s locations.

Looking back over the past week I can’t say that I have done too much extra exploring within Second Life, just mostly playing around with some building and avatar appearance. I did however make myself a little home away from home if you will on my private building space where I can sit back, relax and have a drink.

Chilling in my beach house

Chilling in my beach house

As well in my adventures I ran into a previous years class member of MUV. I have to say my first impression of his avatar was more shock and awe than anything else. Here he is relaxing on someones building space.

Dragon Avatar

R3dakted ex MUV students AV

This concludes my little catch up session (omitting my feeble attempts and building a cottage). I am looking forward to this weeks practical session and hope to get into some more building in the meantime. Oh as well as working on the first assignment I must not forget that !


Feeling like a noob :(

So after a few days of thinking that I was trying out the Phoenix Viewer for Second Life I decided to start writing down some stuff for the first assignment. It was only then that I found out that I wasn’t even using Phoenix Viewer but was in fact using another viewer made by the same company…. Firestorm Viewer…. Blonde moment or just a noob, I’m not sure. Though there is an upside to this, I did manage to find the actual Phoenix Viewer and have now tried that as well, so I can say that I have trialed 4 different Second Life viewers. The question is which 2 should I choose too research more in-depth?


End of the first week!

Well the first week is over. In review it was nice to have some fun in Second Life in the form of some dancing (after the terrible bandwidth problems were sorted that is). It was also good to see everyone’s avatars and especially amusing to see Taiki (Azith) attempting to dance as an airship.

After this class I cam home and started trying out some second life viewers and found that I like the “Phoenix” Viewer and also like the simplicity of the “Imprudence” viewer (After I figured out the I had to use the beta version). Now armed with a new viewer I set myself the task of exploring our little home island and the treasures that it contains. In my travels I came across a treasure chest containing some free goodies from Clare and stashed them within my inventory. With these new possessions and some preliminary exploring done I decided to change the appearance of my avatar and after some playing this is what I came up with.


New appearance done it was now time to try my hand at some building. After playing around for a couple of days I finally had something to show. My first intention was for it to be a ring but it turned out to be too big :(, though now it is more like a bracelet. Since it was my first attempt to make anything I guess I am happy with the results (even though it is a little too big 😦 ).


All in all I am looking forward to our next session within Second Life and hope to be able to increase my meager building skills !


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