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Feeling like a noob :(

So after a few days of thinking that I was trying out the Phoenix Viewer for Second Life I decided to start writing down some stuff for the first assignment. It was only then that I found out that I wasn’t even using Phoenix Viewer but was in fact using another viewer made by the same company…. Firestorm Viewer…. Blonde moment or just a noob, I’m not sure. Though there is an upside to this, I did manage to find the actual Phoenix Viewer and have now tried that as well, so I can say that I have trialed 4 different Second Life viewers. The question is which 2 should I choose too research more in-depth?



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One thought on “Feeling like a noob :(

  1. Don’t worry Matt, I’ve had many blonde moments and I’m not even blonde lol. Good luck with deciding on your viewers. I’m trying to compare Imprudence with Phoenix and to me they are very similar…

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